Saturday, July 23, 2016

Y - osuosuosuosuosuosu

Dear Reader,

View from inside the Uber.
Friday, July 22, the UChicago  Creative Writing class had a guest speaker: Cris Mazza. Wikipedia her, she's pretty cool. She told us a lot on the form of writing and the difficulties but rewards of limited 3rd person, as well as the interesting nuances that your own life experiences have on your writing. She also read us an excerpt of some of her own writing, which was captivating though on a completely horrible subject (human trafficking). It was a highly interesting session and I'm glad I had the opportunity to witness it.

After an early class let out, Jessica and I head to Mansueto, whereupon we try to revise our essays and decide the struggle is real. I did some hardcore osu! practice in the library. :3 After a shmackin' lunch where I saw Ryan and Ms. Scott, the time flies by and Mauricio asks me to come with him for a quick stop downtown to pick up souvenirs for friends back home. I was rushing because Jessica, Sarah, and Kathy asked me to swim with them at 5 and Alice'sology experiment also was scheduled at 5. WE GOT BACK AT 7 PM.

Post-swim foosball game.
Let me explain the details. We left the city on time, at around 4:40 PM, and got on a Metra heading towards U of C, the stop of which was 55th-56th-57th. We ended up at Calumet. Calumet is three Metra stops farther than we should have went, and a good 20 miles South. =_= Anyway, the next train back would have taken 30 minutes to arrive so we decided to order an Uber instead but even though we put the right location through Uber the driver took us to UChicago's downtown campus. We ended up getting back to the dorms at 7 PM, half an hour later than we would have with the train. Luckily, we had a $20 off promotion for Uber so the total was only $6. Still more expensive than the train though.

So as punishment, I drowned Mauricio.

Kidding, I kid...

At least Mauricio knows how to swim now.



  1. You’ll have to explain to those of us who are mentally challenged what you mean when you refer to ‘osu'. I know it's not Oregon State University.

    Should I be worried about allowing ILCers to roam Chicago unsupervised? Missing your station several times over and the Uber ride to Hell (which is one of the many reasons why the ILC has outlawed the use of Uber/Lyft et al)?

  2. It wasn't dangerous, just time consuming. I wouldn't consider it be a worry, rather, just another reason as to not use Uber, though one cannot argue it's convenience.

  3. Osu! is a rhythm game people play when they are close to death.