Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rain, I Don't Mind: A Sunday to Recover

I was awoken today by the incessant pounding of rain on my window. It says a lot that the sound of the rain on the window was enough to wake me up -- it was a pretty bad storm. The clap of thunder is what actually ended up getting me out of bed, though. The storm didn't last all day, but as far as I am concerned it might as well have since I didn't even leave the dorm!

A short stretch of descent weather as viewed from the
5th floor reading room. Homework with a storybook view.
Today was not a particularly interesting day to blog about, but was never the less marvelous day for me. I woke up late, took a long and relaxing shower, and cleaned up my perpetually messy dorm. With so much going on on this trip it is always a nice feeling to get a chance to take it slow and recuperate and prepare for another week of class.

The biggest event of my day outside of meals and a phone call with my mom was homework. While I had already finished the chapter and extra articles of reading, I still had a 2-4 page paper to write as an intro for my final thesis. I had been thinking about it for the past few days, but hadn't made much progress other than reading and re-reading the source articles and trying to make sense of it all. There is so much literature out there on my topic that it was hard to narrow in and focus on what our experiment is specifically testing for (sorry to be vague about my experiment, but since we might end up experimenting on other people in the class I am hesitant to divulge details that could be overheard). For such a short paper it is actually quite challenging, since every little claim you make must be solidly backed up by evidence. After getting pretty much all of the content written, I enjoyed the rest of the evening watching the lightening outside in the pink sky. These are the days that make all the other days possible.  

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  1. Thunder storms are amazing! its grey and drizzly here in the Bay Area, just what redwoods love but not as exciting as thunder and lighting.