Monday, July 11, 2016

The Super Mega Ultra Giga Supreme Day

Today was just a blur. I can't explain how stupendous it truly was. It started of on a great note when I woke up at 9:30. I was so rested it was unbelievable. This made me ready to take on the world! As they say in motivational novels and other things like that. Now I can tell you the title is a little misleading as there were some things I did miss out on.

The first thing would be breakfast. I woke up too late but man was it worth it. A group of friends (Aaron, Kevin, Shiv, Ryan, and Shravan) and I headed over to a small cafe on campus for a small snack before we "ball up" which translates to play basketball. We were all excited to see the Rec Center and play on a university court. Once arrived the most horrible thing happened... The courts were closed. We had walked all that way but in reality it wasn’t for nothing. I feel like I'm starting to make real connections with these people and can't wait to spend the rest of this session with them.

When at the library I was frantically looking for a book and I abandoned the group. My search was in vain because after the 30 min I spent looking it was to no avail. I was looking for a book called The Invisible Gorilla by Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons which I thought would be contained in this massive library.

I went and ate lunch alone at the dining commons and after rejoined the group for the soccer game that went on tonight. I could really see the connections these guys had built. This showed me a sport like soccer can really bring people together and that is such a valuable thing to be aware of after some recent events that have been going on in the country. 

After halftime in the game I returned to my room to get in contact with one of my friends. We spent hours just talking and that made me realize something. It really gets tough when you're away from the people that you really care about. It really is reassuring when the people back at home support you to the fullest. Also I don't know who's idea it was but 
Aaron, Kevin, Ryan, Shiv, and Shravan brought me pizza! It was so delicious. It was barbeque chicken stuffed pizza from Giordanos.

I ended the day with some Foosball matches between Ryan and I. It might of just been a simple few games to some, but I had a blast -- we were cracking up and getting pretty competitive. We are now keeping scores. If you're reading this Ryan, I will get a 0-5 Streak .

I will now say goodbye because tomorrow is the very first day of school and I am overfilled with excitement.

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  1. Camp? Did you really write that you were at camp? I thought we sent you to the University of Chicago--not college camp. :-)