Wednesday, July 27, 2016

S - Salvation in Memories

Dear Reader,

Little caterpillar!
Completely changing the plot of your story in three hours is a pain, but a worthwhile pain because you know the story is so much better. And that's exactly what I did last night. We have to read our stories/anything we've written/could even be poetry at a reading on Thursday night, and I think I'll read either a poem part of my story. Still haven't decided yet.

New home. :D
Yesterday was me working, actually working, and I think that's crazy because I rarely work without getting distracted, and yesterday I put my wits on the line and thought "This is due tomorrow, and you have to create a fresh idea, change it up completely, and finish writing it by tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow."

Anyway, the day went:

Breakfast, with Kevin, Eddie, Mauricio, and Athena, when upon finishing and heading to class, we come across a tiny green fuzzy caterpillar. I didn't notice it until Kevin abruptly stopped and picked it up with a leaf and gave it a new home on a nearby tree. I wonder if it's in a worse or better place than it was originally situated. Well, at least it has less of a chance of being stepped on. :3

After class doodly-ing.

We then split and went to class, where I read stories about babies being taken on diplomatic journeys through the canyons and the true meaning of Christmas. Analyzing stories that other people write is always fun, especially when they organize it into such novel formats. Another story was a play, which was absurdly cool. We're acting out a scene of it on Thursday for our read-aloud assignment.

The height difference is real. ;-;
I ate lunch with Kathy and Nicole, who nearly made me spit out my food when they said they should hang out more with me so that guys will follow them around. Following that interesting lunch time conversation, we head back to class for more stories. Class ended around 3, and after some doodly-ing on the board with fancy handwriting, Jessica and I went back to the dorms, where I promptly napped a solid three-four hours (aka, through dinner, but I didn't realise that), and worked on my story alone until I was done with only a 20 minute interlude of human contact.

The others were watching Sherlock or out somewhere but I was fixated on my computer screen, hardcore typing something that wasn't completely formulated. But I finished, and I got pretty positive feedback so far through email. That makes me happy. Berry happy. Oh, darn, I really want some blueberries right now. Weird.

Sarah took a photo of me and photoshopped it into a photo of Kathy, Nicole, and Kevin. It's really obvious that my proportions and skin tone really are just out of place but no matter how cringeworthy the photo itself is, the fun while making it was undeniably enjoyable.


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