Monday, July 18, 2016


Caught of Guard While Writing Blog
Now today is when I need to really crank out that two page report. I know I had a lot of fun yesterday shopping and going to the beach, but I also need to make time for my studies. I think I might have made a mistake today. Instead of working I decided to head over to the Museum of Science and Industry with my cohort member Ryan. 

Now don't get me wrong I had a great time. Ryan and I got free admission to the museum as you can see the perks of being a UChicago alum just keep adding up. First of all we receive discounts at various restaurants around the city. To add to that we also get 1 dollar milkshakes on Wednesdays. Anyways, this museum reminded me, like I told Ryan, of the Exploratorium and the Lawrence Hall of science which can be found in California. Now what was really interesting was the chicken incubator. We got to see the new born baby chicks that hatched a few hours prior to our arrival. We had a decision to make. Either we stayed in anticipation to witness a baby hatch or move on. We found that waiting ten hours (the expected time for an egg to hatch) was too much and went on with our lives. During this trip we also encounter maybe the most challenging part of our trip to Chicago: the Mirror Maze. We almost broke our faces in the glass about 2,000,000 times but we overcame and conquered. We learned a valuable lesson during the process; that riddle contained a total of 40 square. So if you ever decide to visit the maze you'll know what i'm talking about.

Now arriving in the dorms had me really stressed I needed to finish that paper and as I was at the museum and eating at the commons I thought endlessly of what to write. Now I have to get two writing that paper to until next time ;).

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