Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Eye of The Tiger

Now you may be thinking, "Hey Mauricio, What did you do this morning?" Great question! I was at a child's park staring at children. It's not as bad as it sounds. We took a bus to Harold Washington Park where our task was to look observe and record the behaviors of children.

When arrived our task became to search the park for a child that we want to study for a few minutes. I observed a toddler girl near the swings. There were some things that i noticed form this. Her parents seemed to be more occupied with socializing than playing with their daughter. She was putting dirt, rock, and wood chips inside of her mouth. She was a growing baby who was still tumbling and struggling as she walked. There seemed to a longing in the child's eyes as she watched the other older children play. She would approach the older kids but never got to close and when they got close she would try to distance herself. Once she was put on the swings, there was this really afraid look on her face but it went unnoticed for a while This makes me infer that she has a really shy nature and was only comfortable with her parents, but it raises the question if she in neglected. I don't like to think that she is but it does happen.

At the end of class I met up my cohort member Ryan Cutter. I was asked to help him with his cross-country training by biking near him. Now the bike was borrowed from a bike station that lets you pay for rentals. We did a good deed and that good deed is kind of sketchy but it works for me. We took a bike that was not put back correctly, but in reality if hadn't found it that person would have been charged a lot for not returning it correctly and could've even gotten stolen which has a fine of 1,200 for loss of bike. 

Now for the rest of the day I had a "chill" day and just rested. I haven't had a day without too much work in a long time so I took advantage of it with some good rest. Until Next time ;).

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