Saturday, July 30, 2016

(R)- That's All Folks

Last day of class, last day of Chicago, last day of the best part of my summer.  I can not understate how amazing this has been.  Class today was not sad, but rather everyone felt relieved.  The case I was a part of today won again, so I am technically two for two here.  The sad part is that everyone is going to their separate corners of the country, and even the globe, extremely soon.

American Law and Litigation Session 2.  Fun, but stressful.
Would recommend.
I got out of class and went straight to the dorms because it was raining, again.  I had to write "train letters" to some of the people here because they wrote some for me. The whole point is for all of us to read them as we are heading home.  I guess it started when trains were the primary mode of transportation and letters were used instead of phones.  After I had written about everything I love about each of the people, I packed up my mess of a room.  It took me an hour to get all my clothes, papers, and other belongings together and into my luggage.  My backpack is completely stuffed now, and I look like a turtle.

I went to dinner for the last time in the dining hall and then tried to find a place to take an Instagram-worthy picture. While I did not find a good enough picture, I got a trip around campus one last time.  I am going to miss this city a lot.  The more I think about coming here, the more I want to.  I pictured the ground covered in snow and the crowded sidewalks when the whole student body is here.

A fountain in the middle of campus that I had not seen before.
The RAs had an ice cream social, and I got to say goodbye to all my new friends that are leaving.  I now have three hours until a shuttle takes me to the airport.  I will be in California soon, and it is unbelievably bittersweet.  I know California is my home, but I think Chicago could be a great substitute for four years.
Bye UChicago, it has been unforgettable


  1. Don't forget that UChicago has offered a handsome financial aid program for thsoe of you who tranistion to UChicago. $16,000 over four years will surely help.

  2. I believe since I am the #1 fan of your blog and am an avid reader of it that I should have gotten a train letter as well, but it's ok Ryan. So glad we became friends, I hope we meet again.