Sunday, July 10, 2016

(R)- Calm Before the Storm

I stand corrected on yesterday's claim that I will not sleep in very often.  Today I slept until 9:45 AM and could not have been happier.  After I got ready, I met up with Aaron, Kevin, Shiv, Mauricio, and Shravan.  We decided to get breakfast at a small cafe on campus.  Afterward, we went to play basketball at the Ratner Rec Center.  Sadly, the court was closed until four which was the time we had to meet with our RAs.  So we explored a little more, looked at the first ever Heisman trophy, then walked to the library.
Ratner Rec Center
This library has millions of volumes and great places to study so I will probably spend a lot of time there after class.  We searched around and then found our way back to the dorms to relax, and we put on the Euro soccer finals between Portugal and France.  We saw all of the regulation minutes that included no scoring, and I was able to FaceTime some people back home to tell them about my trip thus far.  It was nice to see their faces again.

Inside the study area of the library, which we have
 full access to.
The RA meeting gave us information about how to travel around Chicago, but we have some experience already as we traveled to Northwestern and Downtown.  Afterward, a group of twelve of us went on a dinner outing to Giordano's Famous Stuffed Pizza.  This was one of many options, and our deciding factor was that it is best to do Chicago things while in Chicago.  The walk took about 20 minutes, the ordering another 20, preparation 45, and eating 60.  We had a great time, spent a lot of time getting to know each other, and only had to pay 12 dollars.  I was very satisfied.

Now we are back in the dorms and watching Netflix on the lounge TV.  This is our final time to relax before the classes swamp us out with homework and reading.  Already, people are making notes and studying for their courses, but I know I do not have anything due, so I am quite relieved.  I hope to get a good night sleep and hit the ground running tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Our dinner group with RA Rebecca in the
center on the right.  Kevin took the
picture with his selfie-stick level arms.

My very own room with
Tempr-pedic mattress

Outside our dorm building

Some of the multiple historic buildings 

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