Saturday, July 23, 2016

(R)- Drink Water, There's Lots of it Here

For the third night in a row, it has poured rain.  I did not get stuck in it like I did on Thursday coming back from the library, so I had the opportunity to enjoy it.  It is still raining now and hopefully it stops by the time the White Sox game rolls around.  Nothing would suck more than getting rained out.  

I said yesterday that I want to have more to tell you than just working on the case. It turns out, I do. I threw up twice today due to a mix of dehydration and heat on my run.  I will spare the details, but it sucked.  I technically ate all three meals, but only one stayed down.  So now it is midnight, and I am starving.  

The case is going well. Doris is an excellent groupmate and wants to work, which is perfect for me.  I have way too much experience doing whole group projects by myself.  We planned on working all day, but my debilitating condition turned that into a half-day of work.  We still got the direct examinations done, which is nice.  Our case is so long, we have four pages worth of questions for the plaintiff.  It is going to be brutal, but we want to win.

Since I slept about half of the day, could barely see straight for another few hours, and stayed inside because of the rain, I have no pictures.  My Shedd pictures did not turn out as well as I thought, so there are far fewer post-worthy ones as I initially thought.  Moral is: drink water. I am not making that mistake again. I probably had about two liters once I felt better. Praying that the game goes smoothly tomorrow, and I get to finish a lot of the case.

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  1. I could play the cliched role of the uncaring Blog Master and make some comment about ‘no photos?’ and leave it up to the reader wondering whether I was expecting photos of your wrenching or photos of the monsoon.

    Instead, I’ll simply pass along my best wishes for a speedy recovery and the ability to hold down a meal.