Monday, July 25, 2016

(R)- It has Never Been More Real

Today was all work.  Doris and I spent nearly the whole day reading our case, analyzing the facts, and prepping our materials.  This is way more work than high school mock trial, so there are benefits and weaknesses.  For one thing, it is more real.  We are going through the whole process of litigating. In school, we have no juries, no settlements, and we have to worry about time limits. Here, everything is fair game. This helps to show me what real litigation is like but does not help as much for mock trial in my school.  I am gaining more skills in creating opening statements, examinations, and closing arguments, though.  The experience is still what I need to prepare myself better for my role as president this upcoming school year.  By doing more work here in shorter time, I should have no problem with a shorter case packet and six times the preparation period of this trial.  
At least studying comes with a beautiful view.
Besides working on our case, I ran with no complications, ate a few meals, and had two hours of class.  Class started at 2:30 PM since we all had individual meetings with Mrs. Scott to discuss our progress.  The same thing will happen tomorrow, meaning I can sleep in again.  The whole group of session two students seems to be more frantic as they start on final projects, which is interesting to observe.  It felt like no one was ever working beside a small handful of students and now new faces are showing up in the study hall every hour.  It is going to be a hectic last week, but I have to make sure I enjoy the time I have left. 

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