Wednesday, July 13, 2016

(R)- Four Is Not Greater Than One

Woke up, ate breakfast, went to class.  I already have a pretty solid schedule I have settled into.  Today was the first day of rain in Chicago, and it was not a California rain.  It poured hard. And it still felt like a sunny day.  My jacket, courtesy of ILC, happens to be water resistant, so I was well prepared.  Class began just like yesterday with a study of landmark Supreme Court cases. Today, however, focused on the commerce clause of the Constitution.  Surprisingly, the Supreme Court uses the commerce clause to decide random cases.  Even a case of a student bringing a gun to school was decided under the Commerce Clause by reasoning that education is essential to the economy.  Personally, I credit this to the fact that the Constitution is really small and does not have enough coverage.  The laws we have created since are sufficient, but the Supreme Court holds everything up to the words of the Constitution, which sometimes creates insufficient reasoning. 

On my way to class, rain started pouring just after I took
this picture.
The tower of the building my class is located.  I will get a
nice picture when the sun is out tomorrow for comparison.
Lunch was difficult because we have been getting out at 12:30 so the dining hall has not been very crowded, but today we got there at 12:00 with everyone else and it was hectic.  I was lucky enough to find a seat with some of the people in my class.  I do not know if I should say it but for some reason, nobody seems to like our professor. My best guess is that nobody likes to be told they are wrong, and Mrs. Scott does that through the simple nature of the class.  We have discussions about things we do not completely understand and then she corrects us.  I have no problem with her, and I think she is good at teaching us about how the litigation process works.  It seems to be that we are simply too inexperienced to know all the background and history behind things.

Medici's home of deception and lies. But not really. It's my fault for not
making sure they had $1 milkshakes.
After lunch, we worked on direct and cross-examination.  We read sample case briefs and created questions for the witnesses, then performed them, while others practiced objections to our questions.  We left class, and it was raining so we all went to our dorms, and I took a much-needed nap.  When I woke up, it was pouring so I could not run and I was not down to run on a treadmill, so I started my readings.  At 6 PM, I decided to eat because I probably would not find a time to run so we went to Medici's which was supposed to have $1 milkshakes but turns out it was $4.25. I was salty, but the milkshake was good enough, I guess it was worth it.  But in this case, four is not greater than one.  We walked back to the dining hall, and I had real dinner.  The rain began to pour down again, and I got to work again reading cases and getting ready for my test. I hope I am ready for it.  

The downpour at dinner

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