Friday, July 22, 2016

(R)- From My Phone

Here I am typing on my phone since I walked all the way to the fifth floor without my laptop.  Too lazy to go back downstairs so I decided to try it out on my Safari app, and it works. Learn something new every day. 

View from the pier. Sadly, the downtown skyline was hidden
by these buildings.
I woke up and felt ready for my big test. Unfortunately, the test had stuff I could not have studied. For example, how was I supposed to look into whether or not subliminal and implicit language is protected by the first amendment? I was more prepared for the fact patterns but still felt like I gave insufficient arguments. All I can do now is hope for the best. My biggest worry at this point is the mock trial case. Our professor gave us cases based on what she thinks we can handle, and I got stuck with the hardest case. Yay. Regardless, this is going to take a lot of time and effort, so I have to start on it first thing tomorrow.  I do not even have the ability to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. One of my top ten sites, but I have stuff I have to do. 

I could not bring myself to run in the sweltering heat after class, so I decided to visit the Ratner Athletic Center for the first time. Even though treadmills are my least favorite running platform, I had to do it. Then, I saw a Zumba class was starting, and some of my friends were going, so I decided to join in. It was a fun experience and pretty much exactly what I expected. The moves are easy to follow and everyone there is doing it, so there is no shame in being intense. 

Levin Reflection Pool outside of the Law School.  Open to
walking and playing.
After I had eaten dinner, a group of ten of us decided to go to the beach about a mile and a half from campus. We ended up just walking out onto a pier and watching the sky darken. We then walked to the law school where they have a reflecting pool that children sometimes play in. The pool is probably half an inch deep and gives the impression of walking on water. During the day it is not as impressive as at night for some reason. I took a shower, read some more of my case packet, and now I am writing to you all. Tomorrow I can sleep in and I am very excited. Hopefully, I have more to tell you tomorrow than the story of me just working on my case.
The reflection pool living up to its name.
Silhouette on the lake


  1. It's always worth it to try something new - glad you enjoyed Zumba! And best of luck on your mock trial case this week. Your professor must think highly of your intellectual capabilities to give you the hardest case.

  2. Sounds like a good day.

    Tell us, please, why you could not study for those items on your test. Were these not discussed in class or in your books? Just curious.