Thursday, July 14, 2016

(R)- Fake Being Sick?

Tomorrow is the big test day, and I am pretty nervous, but I would not fake being sick. Do not worry, Don.  Anyway, today I woke and ran for an hour which I felt bad at first but felt really good at the end.  I showered and went to eat but cut it a little too close and Mrs. Scott was in class before me, but I was not technically tardy. 
As promised, a picture of the Saieh Hall in the sunlight instead
of the gloomy clouds.
Today's discussions were about executive power and national security.  It was the most exciting day thus far.  After lunch, we started working on opening statements which are one of my favorite things in mock trial, so I was having a lot of fun with that as well.
A nice view on my way to class.

The rain was all gone, but the water was dammed on the curbs, so I almost got splashed by a bus. That was a first for me, and luckily I walked out of the way in time.  Another cool thing from today was when I found a running track that is hidden in some trees.  This city has some random surprises.  
My new running center as I train here in Chicago.

After class, I ran again on the new-found track. After, I spent an extra 15 minutes trying to find a lady that walks around with an ice cream cart on campus, but could not find her, so I went to eat dinner and then got to work on my study session.  About ten of us showed up, and we got quite a bit done.  Tomorrow's test has us all pretty spooked, but I got some more confidence after the studying. 

Views from the fifth floor where we studied. The fifth floor is the
nicest in the whole building.
Of course, I played some more foosball with Mauricio, and he has been introducing me to a lot of new people because of his high sociability.  This weekend is also setting up to be fun so after tomorrow it's going to be all relaxed, and I can sleep in! Feeling drained now and getting ready for bed. Wish me luck tomorrow.

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