Wednesday, July 27, 2016

(R)- Judgement Day (Tomorrow)

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, but I had a lot of work to do.  Our second meeting with Mrs. Scott turned into a slash and burn of our cross-examinations.  So last night I was rewriting nearly the whole cross and creating motions for the evidence we want in.  The day was mostly the same as the day before so look back to two days ago for a recap of yesterday.  Today, we were told our case was mostly perfect; just some rewording to be done in our questions.  

I went to the reflecting pool again. They call it that for a reason.
 It is a perfect place to reflect, literally and figuratively
I went to Harold's Chicken Shack for lunch because it is a must visit in Chicago.  Kanye West says it is his favorite restaurant in the city.  I think it lived up to the hype well, and I would go back.  Plus, the low prices leave a good feeling in your heart on top of the great feeling in your mouth.  My favorite part was the two pieces of white bread thrown in the box.  No toast, no seasoning.  Just white bread.  Doris got some ribs at a supermarket near by and we went back to the economics building to wait for class to start.

We had our settlement conferences, and that was a real let down. I had hopes that we could stipulate everything nicely, but that flew out the window immediately.  I know in my heart that the defense is going to bring motions against all of our evidence we stipulated to today.  Whatever happens, we will have to roll with the punches and win. 

Hannah showed me a cool spot called the Divinity School
Fountain.  It lights up the trees at night, but the camera could
not capture it very well.
After class, there was an information session on admissions, and I decided to go so that I could get the scoop on the school I will be applying to in a few months.  Again, it was mostly the same information as every other school's admissions except UChicago has "weird" prompts.  They are pretty well-known for it, and I think it will make the application process more fun.  

For the past few hours, I have been prepping my witnesses and going over my closing.  For the next few hours, I will be continuing this process.  I took a break to write the blog and now I have to get back to work. In about twelve hours, I have my mock trial and the nerves are setting in.  I am a firm believer in luck, and the more I work, the more it seems I have.  So tomorrow hopefully this work pays off, and I can report back with a happy blog.
Dusk/night on campus is nice.  Especially when there isn't a

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