Friday, July 22, 2016

E - A Study In Pink

Dear Reader,

I have mixed feelings about today. Mostly good, but some are...indescribable.
Ahhhh, no, I know the word. Overwhelmed.

My story got critiqued today, where I got a lot of good feedback, but also a suggestion of a major plot revision that I don't really know how to pull off. Well, I have Friday and the weekend to come up with a solution, as well as write a Chapter 2.

Pointillism?!! NOPE.
Anyway, my story was the last to be read, with us staying 20 minutes more than our normal time in class. I headed to the Mansueto library with Jessica, and saw Kevin Z. (tall) and Lawrence there. I try a few times to draft and redraft my story, and even come up with a few key plot components, but after an hour I start drawing instead because I had no idea what to write. Here's a drawing of Nikolai I did the previous day on the bus, but completed in the library.
My favorite piece.

Building plans
After somewhat being productive (not really, this is impossible); Kevin, Aaron, and I (Jessica had left to go take a nap in the dorms, lol, I should do that one day) head back to the first floor gathering room to go on the RA trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. It was gorgeous, but I didn't get to see all of it because we had such a short time there (less than 2 hours iirc), which I am sort of upset about, because the Art Institute was something I was really looking forward to. We had burned a lot of time by eating dinner as a group FIRST (at Shake Shack), so the Institute wasn't fully appreciated. Also, somewhere around that time, my eye started getting red, although I couldn't feel them being itchy at all. I have to say though, my favorite piece of art was not a painting nor a sculpture. It was the building plans of one certain Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

We get back from the Institute (wow, that sounds super creepy and foreboding) at around 9:10 PM, and on our way back lightning is flickering up in the clouds (SO COOL. But very hard to capture). Maybe 10 minutes after we're back in the dorms, it starts pouring and flashing and creating huge rumbles of thunder, and I get Kevin C. to go with me outside because you don't get this kind of rain in California HEH. I love the possibility that it can be warm when it rains. ufufu =D Chicago weather man, the most interesting place to be in terms of weather and wind.

Following curfew sign-in, I head with Doris to the 5th floor lounge (not study hall this time, wow!) where there is a rowdy group of people playing a game (who would be the most likely to ______). Doris has a test tomorrow, so she couldn't stay for long, but she asked me to bring her hummus in the morning, lol. After 40 minutes of unproductivity nor excitement, Mauricio walks in with a half-empty bucket of vanilla ice cream and offers it to everyone in the room. Shravan and Aaron also walk in, with Ryan and Kat, and sometime in that period the people from the other party leave too. Someone plugs in an HDMI cable to watch The Italian Job, but everyone says to watch something else and I suggest the best TV show on Netflix: Sherlock.

We watch a single (almost 2 hour long) episode, and everyone who hasn't watched it yet gets hooked. Hehe. Getting people Sherlocked is a fantastic experience.


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  1. Less than two hours at the Art Institute isn't enough time, you are correct! Is admission always free for students? Maybe you can go again. Congrats on the positive feedback for your story. Remember, the teacher is only giving a suggestion, not a demand, so go with your instincts.