Thursday, July 28, 2016

E - League of Nature

Dear Reader,

Today we were let out early for class because tomorrow we have to stay later than usual and arrive earlier than usual. Therefore, I am writing my blog post earlier than usual.

I woke up, 8:07 AM, and go to take a shower and get down to breakfast and decide not to eat breakfast even though it's a full hour before my class starts because I'm foolish. I didn't get hungry until we read a story about lemon meringue pie and the cravings hit (thankfully, our last story of the day). We headed to lunch at 1 PM and ate as a large group (most of us, at least), and to my surprise they had paneer tikka masala! Jahnvi's favorite, lol (though she isn't here to try it). It was a refreshing change from American and somewhat Chinese food.

Mini sunflowers? No no, these are daisies.
At 2 PM, Jessica and I caught a bus to the Museum of Science and Industry.We were talking about the advantages and disadvantages of polarized versus nonpolarized sunglasses and the strangeness with which they turned electronic screens into rainbows. Both of us have quality sunglasses and fear losing them, and both of us originally wanted aviators but were told they didn't really match our face structure. We got to the museum around 2:30 PM and were absolutely fascinated by the exhibits displayed, most notably the periodic table reaction chamber and mirror maze.
Two dancers, reaching to each other in burning passion.

The exhibits in the MSI are mostly the same to those in the Exploratorium, but ten thousand timesbigger and might I say, a bit cooler too. They have a lot of interactive displays, and those are always fun to use. My favorite display would have to be the fairy castle, though it sounds a bit childish, the engineering spent creating such miniature yet complex objects is so intricate. We spent until 5:30 PM at the MSI, which even though is very large size wise, was enough to cover everything one would want to see.

After the museum, we slipped into the admissions officer presentation, which was, honestly, extremely generic and could have been applied to many, many liberal arts schools.

Dinner was the most interesting part of the day, where I ate with Kevin and Lawrence and somewhat Doris and we talked about League and anime and Filthy Frank and Smash Bros. Melee as well as Antman, One-Punch Man, and how uncultured Kevin was in terms of urban dictionary. That dinner stretched for long after I was done with my food, and afterwards we headed to the fifth floor study lounge and tried on Lawrence's magical headphones. It was as pretty crazy experience, in my opinion. There's different modes so one moment you're on the streets and the other you're under water.

After leaving for 20 minutes to help Doris iron things, I come back to have my seat taken. I leave my salt in my pocket and go upstairs to work on feedback and the night goes on as such, until I come back down to charge my laptop. Sarah brings a henna like substance in and people ask me to draw on them. That--now that--that was fun.


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