Monday, July 18, 2016

(R)- Always Have to Remember the Blog.

Right as I was falling asleep I remembered that I had to write my blog and then:

So now I am half asleep and writing my blog.  Today was mostly uneventful.  I woke up, went to class, ran, and did homework.  Today's lesson in class was exciting but also overwhelming.  We discussed for so long that I can not remember some of the things people said.  What stuck with me most was the discussion on affirmative action because all of us, as high schoolers, are affected by affirmative action and college admissions quotas.  In California, affirmative action is no longer in effect, but admissions officers still maintain numbers to achieve the desired diversity.  My view is that colleges should just ignore race altogether in the process of admissions but then a good point was brought up that names may give away ethnic backgrounds and create prejudices so race is important to consider. Plus, having diversity is important for classes so that different views can be expressed.  If everyone here was a rich, white person, then the class would have no differing opinions.

After school, I did a shake out run to prepare for my time trial of two miles tomorrow. I have been hydrating, and I mapped out my course, so I am ready.  No foosball today, sadly. And finally, I missed curfew sign-in for the first time.  Now I have to sign in tomorrow twice, and I will be all good again. I now have a reminder in my phone to make sure it does not happen again because now the consequences will be worse. 

Another beautiful day in Chicago, reminding me of weather back home.  I hope tomorrow has similar conditions and each day after that.  We get to start on our mock trial tomorrow, so I am excited for that.

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