Wednesday, July 20, 2016

(R)-Typing with Kat(fish)

My alarm scared me this morning. It was unusually loud, and my body flinched super hard when it went off.  My heart was pounding for the next few minutes.  I had to force myself into my running shoes and head out for a run because I could not run after class.  I headed out to the lake and had the idea of coming to see the sunrise on the last day, but curfew does not allow us to leave the building until 6 AM.  Sunrise is around 5:30.  I ran for 60 minutes and felt completely starved because I am out of Clif Bars. Tomorrow I will get some more bars at CVS but today I had to stop at Starbucks.  Shout out to my grandma for giving me a gift card before I left for this trip.
Shedd Aquarium

In class, we got results for our tests from last Friday.  After the curve, I got an A- but I would rather not say my percentage.  Now I am ready for this Friday's test because it will be in the same format.  I plan on setting the curve for this one.  We also got our mock trial assignments.  Doris and I are cocounsel, and we know each other from hanging out last Saturday so we will be a good team.  We each have to play the role of attorney for one trial, witness for another, and jury for two others.  I am excited to finally start what I came here to do.

Downtown Chicago skyline when the sun was setting.
Willis Tower can be seen tower above the other buildings
next to the sun.
After class, I relaxed and FaceTimed until it was time to go to the Shedd Aquarium.  I have wanted to go to Shedd since I got here, so the opportunity to go with the RAs was a must.  The usual cost to get in is around $40 but with our group it only cost $15.  There was an event called "Jazzin' at the Shedd" so live jazz performers were stationed all around the aquarium. It added a nice touch, but I was there for the fish.  I wish there was more time to see the dolphins and beluga whales, but the exhibit closed early.  At the same time, the sun was setting behind the skyline and reflecting off the lake to make a beautiful view.  I think downtown Chicago is amazing.  We left the aquarium at 9 to eat, and I had a subway sandwich.  I became friends with Hannah and Bellina today as well as becoming closer with my neighbor, and twin, Tom.  Hannah is the first Hannah I think I have met besides my sister. She is very knowledgeable in fun facts.  For example, revolving doors are used to help with air conditioning and keeping the bad weather outside of the building.  Revolving doors are in nearly every building here.  

Now that I am back at the dorms, I am extremely happy because I have no homework. This is because tomorrow, we will be going to the state and federal courts in downtown as a class.  I have to wear my suit, and it will be 106° F, so I am in for a real fun time.  My friend Kat from Greece wanted to help with my blog, so I let her choose the title. I think it is pretty clever and related to today's events. Cudos to Kat.

A lot of these animals reminded me of Finding Dory.

Just some of the amazing views at the aquarium.

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