Friday, July 29, 2016

L - Leaving With No Regrets

 it's clean!
Dear Reader,

It's almost the last day, and I am, to simply put it, sad. We're leaving, and I don't want to leave the memories I've made behind.

Let's write this as a normal blog post until I get hit with the feels.
Today....well, today Jessica woke me up by knocking on my door. Ahh, I have such kind friends. I couldn't wake up myself and my hands were shaking (happens at home too right after waking up, not uncommon) so I couldn't pick up my croutons. :'( But the rest of the day after that was fine. The henna, originally almost invisible darkened considerably over night, and I got a few compliments on it too. Hehe.

dysfunctional class.
Apparently it's tradition in the creative writing classes to go to the English Ph. D classroom towards the end of the summer session (because our teacher somehow has the
code....hmm), so all 17 of us trekked up some dangerously spiraling staircases to a tiny circular but fabulous tower right in the center of UChicago's main quadrangle. Turns out, however, there's no Wi-Fi up there, so it was quite the struggle to bring up documents, especially as mine was the one (one of them) being read. The feedback from others was mostly positive with a few needs for clarifications, which I am supposed to fix by Sunday (sent through e-mail). OH! I got an A on my last essay. :D Happy.

Emma, I, and Jim at the Gym.

Class ended at 3 PM, but we had the reading session at 7 PM so no one really knew what to do. Angelica, Alice, Jessica, Emma, and Kain walk through puddles barefoot on the way back to the dormitory. We took basic barefoot puddle photos that really showcase our lovely tans. Just to let you know, I didn't have a flip flop tan before this trip...AT ALL.

Basketball with Mauricio, Emma, and Jim in the Gym. So basically, we didn't have anything to do before the reading, and not enough time to go out, so we decided to go to the gym! Normally I only go there to swim, but we played good ol' bball and I realize that I suck at basketball as much as I remembered! Literally, I stood no more than three feet away from the hoop. Couldn't. Make. A. Shot. Anyway, RIP my athletic career.


Doris! Honorary cohort member.

Creative Writing Reading! Okay, this was definitely the most interesting and fun and amazing part of my day. Instead of reading an excerpt from my stories and what not, I chose a selection of two poems that I am quite proud of writing. The turn out for the reading was a full room almost (ehehe, though half of it was our class), but about 20 people who weren't in our class showed up, which was nice. Kevin was early, so he got to see our class preparing our little skit, haha. Ryan, Mauricio, and Alice came too, so I felt very loved and supported when reciting my poetry. I was so nervous, I crumpled my papers to bits.
Kevin! Honorary classmate.
After the writing reading, Angelica and I had a mini photo shoot of sorts, where we boasted our theatrical talents. I also took a lot of photos with people from our class, and some honorary class members too. :) Ryan, Alice, Kevin, Doris, and I ordered a deep dish pizza from Giordano's, and while waiting for that, we were at the piano and such. When it arrived, we feasted. Although, I'm not the biggest fan of deep-dish and still am not. I've tried both the Chicago hot dawgs and deep-dish pizzas so far, and still have been most impressed by its cupcakes. :/ 

I changed after getting some oil on my dress. D': And then finally decided to give away the fluffy for sale otter I got from the aquarium; it's better off in another's hands than in mine. Then because it was Kathy's last night with us, Nicole, Kathy, Kevin Chi and I decide to watch the sunrise together. I think those morning shots should go in Friday's blog.

Oh did I tell you the interesting fact that was read aloud at the reading tonight?
I have made more memories that matter to me in the last three weeks than I have made in the past three months.


Have to go for the LAST DAY OF CLASS! D:

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