Saturday, July 9, 2016

N - Fluctating Heart Train

Tiny pool. Still lit.
Dear Reader,

I'm a swimmer. This hotel has a pool. Therefore, I went to the pool this morning. Woke up at 6:30 AM and made a racket of noise, and ended up waking up Alice, who ended up coming with me to the pool (yay!~). Ryan joined us (somewhat) as he started running in the fitness center, which is connected to the swimming area with glass panes. It's fun to be accompanied whilst exercising, rather than biding one's time alone. Sadly the pool wasn't a lap pool, but a small 3 meter deep recreational pool--but, it's okay, having Alice and Ryan there made it enjoyable.

After a quick shower and breakfast, we made our way to the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority), then switched to the "L" Train (ELevated Train System) to the Northwestern campus in Evanston, Illinois (North of Chicago). At the train station, Ryan taught us all how to play a card game call Presidents similar to deuces, except the losers became the president's and vice-president's interns. Ryan ended up being my intern for most of the games, so I guess I can tell him to do my chores now. ^_^ Kidding. The train came quickly and brought us to Northwestern, where I loved the summer weather and gorgeous campus; both of which appealed to my likings and wants.
  • Weather ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ♪♬
    • warm bordering on hot
    • very breezy
    • slightly humid
  • Campus
    • medium-sized
    • diverse architecture of buildings
    • location , location, location~
I clicked immediately with the university, and would definitely put it in my top 10 choices of schools. Nothing, however, is a definite statement as to where I would like to go. I think I would prefer the quarter system and have real breaks at the end of each class session, plus the lower number of classes per quarter allows me to focus on certain subjects at a given time...which is what I already do in high school...even though we're not on block schedule... .-.

From left to right: Will, Alice, Ryan, me, Simon, Ms. Scott, Mauricio.
Ryan, Mauricio, and I checked out 89$ Tommy Bahama shorts and polos before heading down to eat with Simon Cohen and Will Smith at Bandera in Chicago's Mag Mile. I ended up sitting next to Will, who gave us extremely helpful insight on the statistics of cute girls at UChicago. (◔◡◔✿) Both Will and Simon are rising juniors studying poly-sci, and were at ease with us strangers, which made the night a million times more fabulous. Each of us in the cohort learned a lot about the nuances of
UChicago, from housing arrangements to
certain places to get popcorn in the city. The live jazz also helped contribute to the comfortable atmosphere in the restaurant, and we ended the night with a flourish of banana cream pie, apple cobbler, and Oreo ice cream sandwiches as dessert.

I wonder if the people who work here are proud of this building.

Dinner was followed by the Riverwalk Tour Cruise, during which we were told of the history behind much of the architecture surrounding the river in Chicago and presented with many magnificent photo ops. Our tour guide was causally hilarious, and his passion for architecture neatly packed the information he spoke of inside my head. I think my favorite styles are Art Deco and Minimalist architecture, but there are certain modernist buildings that really catch my eye as architects shattered the global standards of building skyscrapers in Chicago.

And as if that dessert was enough--not for us high school students! Across from our hotel is a sweets shop that is a mix of Lorde's and See's Candies, where we got giant scoops of ice cream (in my case, mint chocolate chip :3) in waffle cones, or bowls. After retiring to our rooms, I spent the time uploading pics to Mediafire (will organize...or maybe I'll have Ryan organize them for me. Hehe.), writing this blog, and chatting with Jae-An and Jahnvi about their days (it seems to be turning a nightly pastime that I hope to continue).

Slep tiem. I finally ded. Maybe I'll swim tomorrow.

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  1. Ernestina, like you, Northwestern is one of my favorite schools visited. I mean, that view! Also, glad you enjoyed the architecture tour. I'm a sucker for Art Deco, too.