Thursday, July 28, 2016

(R)- Breathe Air, There's Lots of it Here

So today started in the worst possible way.  The exact thing I did not want to happen, happened.  I overslept.  Three alarms and I still happened to mess up.  Throughout the entire session, I never once overslept and on the day of most importance, I did.  Sorry, Don.  Maybe now you can tell all the future ILCers not to follow my example.  

Rik was playing a woman today as
a witness.  He was really dedicated
to the part.
So I woke up at 9:43, when I was supposed to be in class at 9:30.  I put my suit on, gathered my case materials, and raced to class in 15 minutes.  I was applauded once I got to class because I got there so fast after I got up.  I did not miss anything, so I only felt like hiding in my suit jacket for about ten minutes.  I have never had anything like this happen to me, and I do not like it at all.  I always get mad at people that can not be timely, so I am officially a hypocrite.  (If you look back to July 10, the story comes full circle because I woke up at 9:45 that day, too.)

We won, though.  After a hard fought case, which took so much time over the past five days, we won.  Now I can breathe.  I obviously have not taken a single breath since last Sunday, but I should have because there is lots of air here, just like the water.  One of my classmates, Sonora, who is reading all of my blogs at the moment and rereading them to me in the most over exaggerated tone, was the jury member that swayed the rest to our side.  Mrs. Scott liked my closing and thought I made good objections, and Doris went above and beyond.  I was impressed by Doris's first time in a trial.  She is a natural at this.  I am grateful for her and all the energy she brought to this tough case.  

After class, it started to rain again.  I went to the athletic center to run on the treadmill and then got to eat some quesadillas at the dining hall.  Afterward, the creative writing class read all their short stories, which were fascinating.  Ernestina read two poems, and others read stories about concepts ranging from romance to death.  I realized I have to pack up my messy room all before tomorrow night.  I also realized tomorrow is the last night.  A lot of pictures are being taken, and tears are starting to come.  I am trying to keep those thoughts out for now.  Tomorrow is the last day, so I want to enjoy it without being sad.
Late night Giordano's delivery


  1. But dang but that pizza looks good. What's in the middle?

    1. It had sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, and pepperoni. Really delicious.