Wednesday, July 13, 2016

P. rep

It is now day two and I can say that I was glad to be back. For this course our final project it to conduct an experiment where we choose to research something about the psychology of children. Me and my partner have chosen to do language development because we are both bilingual and she is fluent in Greek.

Infant Development  is what we discussed in the morning and the different stages of the baby. It starts at a Germinal (0-2 weeks) which can be identified as a zygote. Then comes Embryonic (3-8) which is the time of most rapid change and most important time in a child's development because its when organs are being created. and then finally Fetal (9 weeks -Birth).  

Our Professor learned a new thing today this would be P.rep which is the possibility to replicate an experiment. It helps demonstrate that old saying that you lean something new everyday. This can even happen to someone even like a professor who has studied psychology for years.

We started to talk about something really deep. When a baby is in the womb there is a possibility to test the baby for genetic problems. This can lead a parent to terminate the pregnancy. This is such a hard thing that a parent has to go through. I don't think it is such a good idea to look at your child's genetics but it is a controversial subject.  I can't imagine being in that situation; parents that go though that have it really difficult. You have to decide whether you want your baby to live give such a great disadvantage or not live at all. 

I realized this class just keeps getting better as we also start learning about the biology of a developing baby and the many characteristics that come from the womb development. Babies receive taste, smell of moms amniotic fluid( which causes babies to breath amniotic fluid), and Prefer hearing mothers voice There is a very dangerous reality that goes on everyday for many parents and that is premature birth. Kangaroo Care is something that can help to help a premature baby and its effects are increase contentment as both the baby and parent start to feel more attached and an increase in breast feeding can also be seen.

These college courses are kind of overwhelming. It might be because we have only 3 weeks so we are fed so much information all at once, but I can't help but say that I am having so much fun and can't wait to learn even more. Now that we have chosen our group experiment it is going to start getting a lot more interesting as we develop out question and the methods of experimentation.

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