Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Raining so Let it Rain

Great start to today. In California we are currently in a drought and rain is now a rare sight. I can't repeat enough how much I appreciate the weather here. For some reason I enjoy the rain combined with the heat. It is hard to explain because they sort of neutralize each other in a way that soothes. 

Near Where I Learn
We begin class by discussing the Homework and documentary left the night before. The documentary Babies is really interesting in the way that they don't have to use words to convey the overall message that it gave. What I found really interesting was the various differences in the way that the children grew up. It make sense because they are using the resources available to them and have very unique cultures. For example in Africa mothers bathe the children with saliva while mothers in Mongolia used breast milk. This leads me to believe that their environment has a huge impact on the development of the child. I also Jean Piaget a pioneer to the world of development psychology started his research on his own children moving on to a large group of children.
Book Store

After the first session of class we headed to the library for a well needed instructions on how to locate books and research papers on the web. We also had a lecture on how to use Google Scholar which I had no idea even existed  before coming to Chicago. Today was a regular old day where not to many exiting things happened but I am still enjoying the freedom that we have and the classes that we are taking.

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