Saturday, July 16, 2016

E - Enigmatic Circles

Dear Readers,

Today was positively relaxing. After a half-day of class, I did laundry, most of my homework for the weekend, saw Ms. Scott with the rest of the cohort, and stole Mauricio's love. (╯✧_✧)╯('$')
I woke up later than usual and skipped breakfast in favor of printing out my assignment. After getting out of class at 12 PM, I was totally unsure of what to do...(・_・ヾ so I ate lunch with Alice, Mauricio and a lot of other salad-eating people who I've now become aquainted with. I did my laundry for the first time since getting here, and suddenly realized that our trip is a full week in. This is crazy.

In the empty slots of time I have, I try to be productive and complete most of the plot of my short story. It now needs transitions between point of view gaps and a finished conflict and resolution. I hesitate to put the link to my draft here, lest my story change dramatically in the next few days. It is currently 8 pages. Heh. Well, it wasn't all completely new inspiration, I used parts from old thoughts and wove them together to create this newer idea. (^  ^ )''

The day was pretty relaxed, which was a nice change from the hectic, go-out-and-experience-something-every-night mentality with which I had spent the previous nights. Ms. Scott came by to visit and check in, and our cohort went down to see her! She seems to be having fun at her improv class, and said that we looked like we've enjoyed our classes so far.

Her brief visit ended with Alice, Mauricio, and I walking back to the study hall, and Ryan going to do his 6/7 daily run. At study hall I met two people from Alice's group assignment in psychology, Kevin (a different Kevin, there are a lot of Kevins here for some reason 0_0) and Sophie, who are both very cool beans. I asked Sophie a psychological riddle we both didn't get, and we were both embarrassed to not have realized it.

Sophie wondered if there were two dads, and I couldn't come up with an answer. AHHH gosh. >.<

After a bit of productivity, Mauricio reminded me that we left our clothes in the dryer and should pick them up. Alice came with us to put in her laundry, and on our way back from the basement we met Kevin (not the one mentioned above, this one is Mauricio's lover), who's been sitting outside of Mauricio's room for a bit to get his phone charger. Dinner plans are discussed, and Alice, Kevin, and I decided to go to the dining hall instead of walking with the rest to grab fried chicken. After all, it's closer and paid for, so why not utilize it? Alice goes to pick up her laundry first, and Kevin and I work on each of our writing assignments (collegiate vs creative, which is better? :3 obviously, creative) as the DC hasn't opened yet. Later, we go to pick up Doris and then go to the DC, and find out that Alice has already eaten and left. Lol. We have an interesting conversation about clubs that we're in and the quality of the quinoa, and return to the study hall after dinner.
Doris is intrigued by our Surface's (2v1, Micosoft vs Apple, where Kevin and I have Surfaces and Doris has a MacBook) and plays with the features of mine before leaving to take a nap. I told Kevin that I need to find a new name for him because there are so many Kevin's here, and we listen to music while writing more about lilac dresses and the appearance of death in life and life in death. Oh, and swimming. How could I forget swimming? And drowning, that too. 

Around 8:30 PM Ryan joins us and more people slowly fill into the study hall. Kevin leaves for a tennis tourney he has tomorrow and Ryan and I go to watch Legally Blond with Sarah Xu (who goes to Albany High and is a good childhood friend) and some others, but mainly get distracted with foosball. I play a full game to 10 for the first time, where I am assisted by an...interesting Greek girl named Kat and somehow beat Ryan.

Once the movie ends, we head back to the study room, where I meet Sarah, Nicole, Kathy, and Samantha, and barricade all guys from the room to talk about them LOL. It was a good day, and I'm excited for tomorrow as well, we're going to Downtown Chicago as a cohort. :) Something I like about our cohort is that, even though we spend time with new friends and meet new people, at the end of the day, we always get back together to write our blogs and chill. Old and new working together makes for the best kind of fun.゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚


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  1. Ernestina! Thanks for the pic. It was really fun to see you all on Friday, and I'll be there next week, too. Enjoy your class in Creative Writing - continue to take risks and love the work. I enjoyed your post.