Friday, July 8, 2016

Dia Dos

Union Station Our Exit From Amtrak
I made the mistake of staying up too late writing the blog from the previous day. I received only around 3 hours of sleep and was really emotionless for most of the morning although I felt the excitement of seeing Washington University at its fullest. I showered in the morning to wake myself up some more because I wanted to be attentive throughout this thrilling experience. As for the breakfast it was decent that also helped to keep me focused. 

When we were ready to leave to the admissions office for our tour and info session it started pouring. This rain caused me to think of two problems. First, I hope the weather is not constantly like that and secondly, would our cohort get a tour in the rain. This campus got the best of us and got us really lost which is even worse when you're being pelted with tons of rain. We ultimately persevered and got where we needed to be. 

The receptionist were really nice and helpful. They cracked a few jokes and make funny sarcastic remarks which made the experience more comforting. I wish I knew their names because they deserve recognition. Since I was tasked with the research of this University I wondered what things would line up and what would be new information to me.

We were introduced to two people, Nancy (An admissions officer) and Sankalp (An Alum of WashU). I was able to relate to Nacy's story slightly. She is a Latina from the Los Angeles area and applied to WashU and their financial aid. I am a Latino who lives in the Bay Area and that is one of the fears of me and a multitude of students across the country. That is how to get the funds for college.

Thai Iced Tea
Pad Thai
Advising is a really unique and helpful for students at WashU. According to the presentation each student receive various amounts of  advisors for a wide range of reasons. It goes from a major advisor to financials. What I did find interesting was the many clubs that this campus hosted. Now these clubs are just really weird when you think about them. They literally have a butter turning club... This makes me want to go just because of the home made butter (I'm just kidding).  

Another thing I really liked about this school was the average class population which was 23 students per class. I prefer this because classes become more inclusive and cooperative. One thing I really liked that Nancy said was "St. Loius has everything this you want in a big city in a small setting." I love exploring cities, site seeing, things like that and its not all that great to do in cities like Richmond or San Pablo so this is such a great place to be and am looking forward to the city of Chicago.

Now we had the unfortunate event of having or flight canceled because of a storm. This resulted in us having to take a 5 hour Amtrak to Chicago. This was my first ever train ride. Not taking into account Bart because it was a really different experience like how there are staff and the time to get from one place to another. On the ride I happened to overhear talking about a mobile game that came out today and I gently went into their discussion. There were no formal introductions just a lot of us nerding out.

Now I'm very tired from all of this movement and that is how I would like to end this off. Good Night Audience.

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