Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Next Chapter: Night Before the Trip!

My cat cleverly placing himself with the rest 
of the items to be packed
It is the night before the trip, and I am so hyped! (But don't worry, I'll still sleep plenty well tonight so as to be well rested for the whirlwind ahead of me.) Packing was quite an event, since I still hadn't fully unpacked from the Dominican Republic and had lots of stuff to sort through. Luckily I spread the process out over several days, so it wasn't as stressful as it usually is.

Even though all my bags are packed and ready to go it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that, in a little less that 16 hours (I think?), I will be on a plane heading out of the state again. After taking some time to rest and catch up with friends and family, it is bittersweet to be leaving home again. I'm fairly sure that this summer sets a record for the longest amount of time I have ever spent away from home without my family, and even though I know that it's good practice for college and I absolutely wouldn't exchange any of these opportunities for anything, goodbyes are never easy. With that, I am off to bed before the next chapter of my summer adventure begins tomorrow! Ahhh!

My entire living room covered in stuff to go into bags
(It's more artsy blurry, I think)

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