Tuesday, July 12, 2016

(R)- Let's Talk Politics

The topic ruins family parties and causes deep rifts between groups of people, but it is still important. Politics is one of the only things that gets people excited in today's society.  That and sports.  But sports is not what I am dealing with for now so scratch that. (I am going to be seeing a White Sox game soon, however.)  

The big donut in the lounge of my house.
The class started today with a review of some key Supreme Court cases and decisions. Marbury v. Madison was my case to present, and it led to a discussion about judicial review.  We talked about different cases ranging from Nixon to Guantanamo Bay.  Naturally, this resulted in some really fun discussions about the legality of all the aspects of the cases based on the Constitution.  I found executive orders to be most interesting because no clause of the Constitution explicitly says a President can make executive orders, so they are very hotly contested.  

We spent the majority of the afternoon working on direct examinations. This is the part I was looking forward to because I love questioning witnesses and finding fact patterns.  The best part of this class is going to be the Mock Trial preparation. 

The Halperin house Halper-wins!
Sorry for the bad pun.
We got out of class right at 4 PM, and then I went to play some foosball with Mauricio. Alice and Ernestina were also there, so it was a fun time.  Mauricio has me bested 5-2 all-time because we played some games yesterday.  I changed clothes to run and took a different route to see something new.  I ran into a field that stretched for what seemed like a square mile.  Just grass and baseball diamonds scattered somewhat randomly.  Also, the grass was all one length and one color. Like Crayola standard green crayons were used to draw this field and it came to life.  Whoever cuts that grass probably prides themselves in how beautiful it looks.  I got back to the dorms, ate by myself, and then got started on my readings.  I got to hang out with Ernestina and Alice as we typed up these blogs and now I am ready to sleep because I am super tired.  Hoping that the readings get easier like we were promised. Fingers crossed.

This particular game I was up 8-3, and he came back
to beat me. Heartbreaking.

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