Tuesday, July 12, 2016

S - Creativity Strikes

Dear Reader,

UChicago campus has pretty great weather.
Exercise is good. Remember that, always, even if you're tempted to be lazy. Just don't be lazy. Exercise is rewarding. Remember that, always, even if you're tempted with Oreos. Just don't eat Oreos. Especially don't eat Oreos when Alice offers and tries to sway you into nullifying the intense workout you just had in the pool.

Today: woke up at 7, 7:30 AM or so, and ate breakfast with Tom and Ryan if I recall correctly. The morning's events are still a haze in my mind, but the sudden realization that it was my first day of class, and I was supposed to meet the world's greatest Cuban lesbian writer in 40 minutes.

Me, Angelica, Athena, Alice, and Emma, having a picnic. Sorta.
At first, I was highly disappointed. Walking into our waiting class was middle-aged white male, wearing a Chicago Cubs hat. He introduced himself as Patrick Reichard, and launched into a very long, monotonous introduction of himself. However, Patrick (he asked us to call him this) was the type of person who has a personality and voice that grows on you, and before the start of lunch break, I was contented with laid back teaching style and the ease with which he spoke. Before Patrick had arrived (30 minutes late), our class of 16 had exchanged names and phone numbers, and were chatting animatedly with the strangers beside us. I met Angelica and another Alice, who were both very cool people. I ended up eating with them and two others named Emma and Athena, who asked to join us on our way to plein (yes, spelled plein) air café on the UChicago campus.

Angelica and I ordered the exact same meal: grapefruit juice, a Chiquita kawaii banana, and a ham and egg quiche that came with a light salad. The meal was delicious, and contributed to a truthfully amazing day.

An integral part of our class assignments, we had to explore beyond the realm of just vision, and describe sounds, tastes, smells, and internal thoughts with words. A partner exercise taught us the subjective nature of English, and how strongly one's perception can change the visage of a character. Is the jacket teal, aqua, or faded sea foam green? The variety of an objective answer and lack of a clear definition lead me to believe the significant power that words have over a reader's mind.

For the first day of class, we were let out a bit early, around 3:20 PM. I go with my group of writer pals to the bookstore (one needed to purchase a notebook and we offered to go with her), and ended purchasing some Phoenix memorabilia for my sisters. I stayed around the bookstore, wandering with Angeline and joking about forcing our kids to go to UChicago just so we could have a "DAD" mug.

On de way back from schwimming.
Great facilities. :3

I went back to the dorms and finished my homework assignment ("write a page or two on how you got your name, how you feel about, any experiences you've because of it, etc.") right before dinner, whereupon my door was knocked on by Doris and we headed down to dinner, sitting with Tom and Felicity. Felicity said she needed to find coffee to get her through the next three weeks of American Law and Litigation, so I went her to find the Starbucks on campus while making Doris to meet afterwards and get her mind off of case studies through swimming. We swam for a good hour, from 8 to 9, where other than swimming I was taught eggbeating and vertical breaststroke, as Doris does waterpolo. The closing of the gym at 9 ended our physical exertion, and we walked through a warm, summer night back to the dorms to complete our work and sleep.

Almost immediately, I am enticed by Alice as  she walks in to keep me company during my blog drafting. "Do you want an Oreo?" *munch, munch* "NooooooooooOOOOooOOOoOoooOope."
The inner athlete in me told me not to submit. "YOU CAN DO THIS" (the inner athlete in me also told me not to drink milk with dinner, but I mean, they ran out of soymilk! Again!).

Fun day, to say the least.

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