Tuesday, July 12, 2016

H - Harold's Chicken

Dear Reader,

Aircraft hanger-like Mansueto.
I woke up promptly at 7:30 AM this morning and stumbled out of bed, vision blacking out every so often as I rammed my face into the door on the way to the bathroom sinks. I needed to find a place that sold copy cards so I could print out my assignment for class, and found that the Regenstein Library was the closest location. After eating a quick breakfast with Ryan, Kevin, Rossoneri, Aaron, and Rick, debating the commonality of hot water as a drink, I headed over to the library and found that I could put money on my UCID instead! Yaaaas.

Since I was at the Regenstein already, I thought why not stop by the Mansueto? So I head into the glass egg, and am immediately struck by the severity of the environment.
The Regenstein allowed for small talk and discussion and presented a cozy environment to learn. The Mansueto was obviously for seriously hard-core studiers that need complete silence to do their work. .-.
Class was composed of character exercises and conflict development, and a long tangential conversation on Romeo and Juliet that I admittedly zoned out for some of. I had chatted with Lucia the previous day about eating lunch together, so I walked to the BSLC building for the biosci classes and wait for Lucia to get out of class. I wait...and I wait...and I wait...30 minutes passes and I end up walking back to the quad and picking up an ice cream sandwich for lunch.


40 minutes into my lunch break I get a message from Lucia.
"Omg I'm so sorry we were let out late, I'm still in the lab"
2v1 and these d00ds still lost. ^_^

The pervading thought of being ditched gladly leaves my mind, and I message her back, saying to meet me at the Regenstein. I sit with Lucia and Anya on a park bench in the quad, enjoying the afternoon sun, but it was 1:00 PM and I had to get back to class before 1:15 PM, giving us a mere 10 minutes together, but with plenty of time to take selfies.

The rest of the day is a blur spending time writing with Angelica, watching Ryan and Mauricio play foosball, exchanging edm choices with Praveen, and chilling with Alice; but the main highlight of the evening is the trip Doris and I embarked on to get water from CVS, and ultimately return home with seasonal produce from Hyde Park Grocers, Harold's Chicken and a 24-case of bottled water.


Dinner and sunset. :3 Romantic huh.

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