Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Work, work, Work

Not much to say about today. I had no time to go get breakfast but I did get to class early so that's something positive. Right? Anyways, today was an interesting day in class because we moved from instinctual patterns to patterns that develop and are discovered. 

For most of the day there was a lecture on how children can like either boy or girl toys but we as a society are the ones labeling who should and shouldn't play with a certain artifact. We shouldn't dictate what a child can play with. We need to accommodate to the needs of a child. We also talked about the colors correlated with gender. Blue and Pink and the main colors that will create a distinction between a girl and boy. From our discussion we wern't able to to postulate an actual conclusion as to why this is. Our societies are what choose these distinctions but in reality there is nothing that makes pink more feminine than blue or vise-versa.

After class I had to get straight to work on a 2 page report for this class on a study that we are conducting this week. We need to have a clear understanding on what we hope to achieve and how we can achieve the results we're looking for. 

The timer was ticking. I spent 6 hours on that paper including the time I used for lunch. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever written and I am really excited to hear the feedback. It was difficult to see connections between articles and then use those to support my claims. I ended up submitting this paper at 9 on the dot which is when it was due. 

With a huge headache I returned to my dorm room feeling like a champ and rested for the rest of the day. 

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