Monday, July 11, 2016

First Day on Campus

As the day drew closer it seemed like it was getting father and further away but it has finally arrived. I am currently at the great campus of the University of Chicago. But before I talk about my first thoughts I want to talk about the restaurant famous for having a President that went there while living in Chicago. This place is called Valois and is supported by President Obama.

After that amazing brunch I started get goosebumps. Before the Ivy League Connections Program I had never even step foot into any private university. Seeing WashU and Northwestern was such an eye opener that made me realize just how much I want to go to an Ivy League School.

Once on campus we check in and pack our luggage into a room and head out for the purchasing of the hoodies. But before that as a cohort we made our first friend. His name is Aaron who accompanied us on our journey to the wonderful place called the bookstore.

The orientation was fantastic. Everyone was really friendly and supportive of us being here. They say that here is the place where fun comes to die but the thing is i'm having a blast already. I'm starting to believe that those a really big fibs but we will see when classes finally start.

There was also a piano session towards curfew time. We headed to the music practice rooms where Kevin (another friend) and I played a song together. I hung out with Aaron, Kevin, Shiv, and Shravan who are really genuine people i really get along with really well. I hope that tomorrow we can also have a spectacular day.

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