Monday, July 25, 2016

U - Not Even Wearing Sox

Nacho usual hat.
Dear Reader,

Chicago weather is the epitome of 0 to 100 real quick,

I was working on my final draft revision for my story last night, so I'm posting this now.

U.S. Cellular Field is home of the White Sox, a baseball team with a mascot that looks like a green lizard, but is named a left-handed pitcher? Southpaw, if you didn't know the term. Their game from the previous night got rained out, so we got to see the ending of two epic games. I'm not sure who they were playing last night, but we watched them score a narrow win (4-3) against the Detroit Tigers.

We got to the stadium at around one, watching last night's game end. The scheduled game started at 1:40 or so, with the White Sox pulling a strong two run lead within the first two innings, and the score remained that way until the 9th inning where the Tigers scored two back-to-back home runes and tied the score, which Mauricio predicted (and angered everyone with). Both these homeruns were made with two outs and with two strikes, causing the stadium to erupt in madness. At the very, very, very last moment, the Sox walk to a win, and the cheers are enormous. The atmosphere was electric, infusing everyone with screams of excitement. We even made it onto the jumbotron! An almost full baseball experience, except we weren't able to catch a foul ball (though there were a ton of them).
Us || Ryan in outrage at Mauricio's predictions.

On le way to Portillo's.
Ending the game on a high note (in the middle, there was a bit of an mental crisis), a few of us (Ryan, Mauricio, Hannah, and Gabe) decide to eat dinner at Portillo's, while the others head back to the dorms. Portillo's is known for their hot dogs and chocolate cake shake, and though they were relatively good, the restaurant was honestly overhyped. The hot dog was nicely rounded with salt and pickled items, and the shake was delicious for the first few sips but it was so thick and there was so much of it. The best part of being at Portillo's, however, was the storm. Here's where 0 to 100 real quick comes in: flash flood. It's hard to describe Chicago storms. They're so magnificently beautiful and terrible all at once. The rain sweeps across the ground and the winds buffet you across the slippery ground. Lighting surrounds you and the thunder is jarring. The only thing to do is embrace it.

Hawt Diggity Dawgs.
By the time we got back from Portillo's (we took an Uber, a much better one than the one we took the other day), we (actually, just me lol) were soaked from the rain (heh) and
took hot showers and changed immediately. I spent the rest of the day in the lounge working on revisions while others were watching Sherlock, coincidentally with a Kevin on each side. Another Kevin walked in with Siva awhile later. Just goes to show you that John Green should have named his book an Abundance of Kevins, rather than Katherines and Colin would have had a much luckier dating history.

Kevin on my left (Zhang) was just op with analyzing the show, and
Kevin on my right (Chi) fell asleep. I finished my revisions and fell asleep after realizing that writing while delirious will cause me to write about Pokémon Go.


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