Thursday, July 28, 2016

Two More Days

We went over the types of stress that have an effect on the lives of children. They were identified in different categories. For example, Positive which is small amounts of stress like school tests. This type of stress is important for development and requires support from a supportive relationship like parents and friends.

Tolerable stress can sometimes hurt development but, for the most part, is able to be surpassed with the aid of others. Tolerable stress usually happens after a big event, like the death of a loved one.

The Terrible type of stress is Toxic and this is where no one is there to support and will definitely hurt the child. I would like to see further research on the statistics that are associated with each group. For example, how many finish college, become incarcerted, become employed, etc.

Living in poverty causes lots of stress on children. This is because sometimes the parents cannot provide the basic necessities for the child. Good parenting can lessen the impact of the stress , but this becomes difficult more difficult as you go lower on the salary scale. Some things that negatively affects IQ of developing children are inadequate diet, inadequate parenting, and insufficient intellectual stimulation. All of these criteria are greatly affected by how much money a parent has. Like what food they can afford, what education can they pay for, and how much time they have for their child. It would be interesting to see what the recommended wage for raising a child might be. I'm sure it takes a lot of money, but there are those parents who have the money and don't put in the effort.

I've realized that there are two more days of class... I don't know if I'm ready to go back yet. It feels like we've just got started in class and I've just met all the people here. It's going to be a tragic goodbye and it's sad to think I may never see the people here ever again.

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  1. As you go through life, Mauricio, you'll find that the relationships you keep are the ones you work to preserve. It's never easy and never just happenes--you have to make it happen.