Thursday, July 14, 2016

R - Stacks of Books Deeper Than Water

Dear Reader,

Today was an unusually good day. I was able to not only have breakfast with Doris, but visit her American Law and Literature class and still get to my own class on-time. We met our teacher's archnemisis, and we told not to stare, but did anyway. The focus in today's class was emotions and the ability to write them in a physical sense. We broke for lunch at 12 PM, where I ate with Emma, Mauricio, and Angelica, and barely got back to class at 1, winded by the new route to our class.

In the basement of the Regenstein, there are moving bookshelves that won't detect an arm if you stick it between shelves. Emma, Angelica, and I check it out after class, and are positively intrigued by the mobile shelves.

Angelica and I decided we needed water, so we headed to the gym with Alice and Michelle (who was going to dance) to swim at 4:20 PM and were promptly told that the lap lanes open at 5. Alice didn't want to wait or exercise elsewhere, so she headed back to the dorms. Angelica and I spent the half hour on the bicycling machines elsewhere in the Regg and raised our bpm to over 130 each. When the lanes open, we both decided to swim at least a mile, or 35 laps. I did mine mainly freestyle, with backstroke interspersed sporadically. Angelica did her 35 laps completely breaststroke. I started 11 laps behind her, but we managed to finish at the same time, interestingly enough. After lap swimming, I did a couple dives, and we got out and headed straight to the dining commons.

At the DC, I decided to sit with Alice and met a couple new friends, Alieen, another Alice, and Angie. It was interesting, talking to new people, and after dinner I sat down and started on my blog and homework. Alice came into my room to work on our blogs together for awhile, and then we went downstairs to the basement and had a music jam session with Doris and Kevin, Mauricio's boo that we stole for a couple hours. It hit curfew time (9:45-10:15 PM, if that hasn't already been established), so we packed up our music and instruments and headed up to the West Lounge, where we decided to play on the baby grand Steinway there. Doris and Kevin amazed the crowd with their fantabulous piano playing, and then I checked my messages and realized Alice had her laptop in my room and no key to get in. We head up to my room, Doris parting with us in the elevator. Alice claims her laptop, and Kevin and I head to the study lounge and meet with Mauricio and Ryan, where I worked on my paper for creative writing. Overall great day. 11/10, would live again. :^ )


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