Monday, July 18, 2016

R - The Deceptive Nature of Time Present

LOL sketches. . .
Dear Reader,

Today, I got to class on time. Crazy, right? Woke up at 7 AM, an hour and a half before my alarm was scheduled to go off. Read the stories I was supposed to for class, bided my time until 8:30 and went down to breakfast (I stopped by Doris's room, but she told me to go without her, she hadn't woken up until I knocked on her door). For some strange reason, the entire day I wasn't feeling particularly hungry. Ate breakfast with Kevin, which was composed of a cup of soymilk and a piece of bread. The morning session of class was composed of reading two of the four short stories that had been submitted for the day. Fascinating, huh.

We analyzed, criticized, and reconstructed the stories, and soon it was lunch time. I was offered a seat by Angelica, but chose to sit in the sunshine of such a nice day with Ryan, Kevin, and Mauricio. As it neared 1 PM, we all headed to class (in the same direction), and split our ways:
me to Regenstein and the others to...well, wherever their classrooms are. The second half of class wasn't nearly as interesting as the first half, but maybe it was just the warm sun alluring me and calling me to drowse off.
On trying to find a kitchen, a top.

Headed back to the dorms, was offered to go to the gym with Jessica and some others but opted for the library to try and finish my story. It's pretty much complete except for transitions. I have no idea how to piece the story together. Sigh.

Following the library was dinner, again with Kevin and Mauricio and another collegiate writing student named Tim. Pizzzzaaaa. And peanut butter. Though I never get soda I just want to remark that this day two of the soda machines were out of order and they brought in canned soda. I have not tasted a sip of soda since I've come here I think. Woot. Hashtag healthy.

We all headed to the study hall (AS USUAL IF YOU
HAVEN"T NOTICED BY NOW) and worked on discovering the true meaning of the time past and
My drawings vs Kevin's.
time future and the reality that the oppressed soul is merely experiencing the darkness of God, waiting to be exalted by the hoards of heathens in this complex and materialistic world. T.S. Eliot for you, readers.

Oh, I should mention I proofread Alice's blog, the highlight of my day, because she is just so fabulous.



  1. Your doodley cartoons are fabulous. Do you do narrative cartoons?
    I am Alice Johnsons grandmother. Just had to say I noticed your drawings and am impressed, they look so intricate and so polished 😃

  2. Haha, thank you! No, I just draw for fun. :) Thanks again for reading my blog, I really appreciate it. I have more drawings to post in today's blog, actually. :)