Friday, July 8, 2016

We're Almost There

I keep trying to think of ways to start of these blogs with something different in the beginning. You know spice things up keep the reader interested. Not the generic intro where we all explain our mornings. Ill just head to all the interesting and juicy details you really came for. Today we had our tour of the Northwestern University. What I can tell you of the bat is that both Northwestern and Washington are very appealing to me. The problem is that these universities offered extremely similar opportunities.

They begin to describe the access to all 6 undergraduate schools. This was something that Washington also mentioned. They both provide their students with a wide variety of courses that are fit to each unique student. The biggest difference that I noticed was the Quarter System that NW uses. This is similar to the High School experience. I really love the idea of going to a school with this type of system because I honestly want to enjoy any breaks that I can get and this system allows for that. Application process is also similar as both schools use the Common App making it better for students to apply. What I really disliked was that if you apply through early admissions you have to sign a contract saying that if you are accepted you have to go to NW and drop all other options.

Something that I found interesting that NW did was Whole Brain Engineering. This is to keep their engineering students connected to the University. This type of studying allows the students to get the "Well rounded education" they deserve. This means that Engineering students take classes like Public Speaking. It is so that students use creativity in their work instead of just analytics.

After the tour we went to have dinner with two UChicago alum. Their names were Will Smith ("Like the actor" -- His words) and Simon Cohen. They were both really great and sociable. What I really enjoyed hearing was the projects that Simon was working on. He works at the city and helps to write policy. Both of them are majoring in political science which is what I want to do in college. It was really fun talking a little about the presidential elections with them and we took a great group picture afterwards. 
Enjoyed the Time at Bandera 

Our day was still not over. We still had plenty of time to do other things so we took an Architectural tour on a boat. This let us experience the true beauty of the city where I was able to capture some decent pictures of the different buildings and see them emerge with beautiful lights when it got dark. It was a very calming way to end the day.
Trump Tower..... -_-
Shopping Center Place (Forgot Name)

City at Night

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  1. Mauricio, I am thrilled you were able to meet Simon and Will, political science majors who are working to make an actual difference in their communities through policy, since this is your area of interest.