Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Long and Winding Road: The End is Near

I thought about asking to be exempt from the blog tonight, but decided that it wouldn't take long to share some of the details of today with you. Nothing much to say except I can really tell that we are gearing up for the end! Today barely even felt like a real class. We had our last quiz, briefly went over the major themes that we had covered in class and the major takeaways that our professor wanted us to remember, and spent the remaining hour working on a short project. The project was a but unusual: design a product marketed to a specific group of people based on a concept we learned about in this class. I chose the unit where we learned about the vocabulary and cognitive development gap that develops between families of high and low socioeconomic status, and designed a toy and book library delivery system that would give disadvantaged children access to educational resources and encourage parent involvement with the child. It is possible that this already exists, but if it doesn't then it definitely should! We all shared our products with the class, and I was touched by how thoughtful and creative everyone was.

After lunch, we were released to finish working on our slideshow. My group worked pretty efficiently, and with a few more rehearsals later tonight I feel confident that tomorrow's presentation will be excellent. Go team! I also finished the bulk of my ten page paper, and only need to give it a final read through before submitting it.

Next, I went and listened to Ernestina and the rest of her creative writing class present their work. Really loved Ernestina's poems, as well as many of the thoughtful and imaginative pieces that were shared. There was everything from plays to poems to short stories, and each piece captured some unique aspect of the human experience. Excellent work by all.

Once the speakers had finished, Ernestina, Ryan, Doris, Kevin, and I ordered deep dish pizza delivery from Giordano's, a local chain. I almost made it to the end of my time in Chicago without eating deep dish, which would have been unacceptable. Once the pizza came my group from psych was supposed to meet to rehearse our presentation again, but instead most of us decided to join some of the RA's to be signed out to play sports on the grassy midway after curfew. I played Frisbee for a while before deciding it was too dark and going to join the soccer game. My team lost, but I still had a great time. It was a great way to relieve stress and spend time with people. Early morning tomorrow to finish preparation for our presentation, so goodnight to all!