Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Washington University

I have the privilege of doing research on the University of Washington located in St. Louis. This is not my first time hearing of this campus because it has been used previously as a host for Presidential Debates. Aside from that I am completely clueless. I have learned that it is ranked number 1 in Social Work by the US News & World Report. It is also really highly ranked in the areas of Medicine, Law, and MBA.

It seems to be a really great place to learn about the Social Sciences which is something that really interests me. Also a fun fact, this university used to have a Dental School which closed in 1991. If I attended this school I would see myself in their School of Law as I know I want to involve myself in politics as a career path. The architecture of this school reminds me a lot of  Princeton in how they resemble a Hogwarts. I'm in love with the old buildings and how rustic they appear. I can’t wait to experience the environment for myself. 

This School has also bred a plethora of Nobel laureates. It has a total of 24 Nobel Peace Prize winners affiliated with this university. This includes Robert F. Furchgott who discovered Nitric Oxide and Hamilton O. Smith who discovered restriction enzymes.
As to the culture of this place it seems to have a lot of school spirit. They host many celebrations for their students. For example, WILD (a concert event) and Bauhaus (a Halloween dress up party) are really enjoyable for the Campus. There is also Greek life which creates a sense of community and togetherness which really appeals to me.

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  1. Not to rain on your parade but good old UC Berkeley has a much larger Nobel affiliation--although Harvard seems to top the list.

    Check out to see the full list.