Saturday, July 23, 2016

If At First You Don't Succeed: A Day at the Dorms

The rain is actually quite beautiful, if you can
get past the soggy part
Today was honestly pretty frustrating. I was really excited to spend the day out and about in Chicago, but all of my plans to go downtown, visit museums, and watch fireworks fell through. Every last one of them. That being said, it wasn't a total loss. Hanging out at the dorm I got to meet new people, get in touch with my parents, and bond with my friends which overall was a great experience.

The first event of the day was meeting Teague's grandparents. They came to his dorm room to visit him, and I was invited down to enjoy some lovely Wisconsin hospitality. They offered me sweet tea and cheese curd (which I would end up sampling later, since apparently these things are best consumed when carefully chilled) and were all around lovely people. After meeting them briefly, I went down to the lobby to meet Alice and Alexa to head downtown to the Art Institute. Unfortunately, after missing a bus or two, we decided that it was too late in the afternoon to be worth the trip.

We went back to the dorms, and I ended up calling my parents and talking to them for a while. It was great to catch up and fill them in on everything, and it really gave me a chance to reflect on everything that has happened the past few days. Afterward, I went down to dinner and ran into a bunch of friends there. I had an especially great time talking, singing, and laughing with Hannah, a sassy/classy girl from my Psych class. 

I had still planned to catch the fireworks, but it started raining pretty heavily and the trip got cancelled. Instead, my friends and I decided to stay in and watch The Incredibles. One of my favorites! Teague even brought me some cheese curd, which I thought was delicious (although James Leonard might say otherwise). I ended the night by learning a new skill: how to tie sailor's knots! All in all it was a good day, and hopefully I will be able to get out and see the city tomorrow.      


  1. My lemonade girl. 😂💖🌟

    Seriously though, sounds like a good "regular" day, in a special place.
    Hugs and kisses

  2. You’ll have to explain to us what was so special about these cheese curds. I looked them up and really couldn’t tell anything from the descriptions.

    And, pray tell, why were you learning hot to tie sailor’s knots? Were you planning to kidnap a sailor and wanted to tie him/her with knots he/she would be familiar with?