Sunday, July 17, 2016

B - Running in the Rain

Dear Reader,

Sunday is a day of rest. I woke up at 9 AM, decided I had more time, and woke up promptly at 1. I spent most of day in isolation, fighting to find inspiration to complete my story and not being able to find it. After uploading the pictures from my camera (which WILL SOON be on mediafire, it takes 10 million years for me to upload these pictures through an encrypted USB, which complicates everything), I post yesterday's blog. Apparently last night I fell asleep in the study lounge and was woken up by Mauricio, half-delirious. He says I kept on walking into walls on the way to my room and that, upon being told to go to bed,  I said "I need to brush my teeth first", and after being told why, that isn't very important, I replied "I have standards."

After dinner with dear Doris, we walk into the larger hall, and find the rest of the gang (Ryan, Alice, Mauricio, Kevin, Aaron,etc.), I can't really remember the rest by this time, it was pretty much half the long table. After dinner, I went back to the study hall and watched Eddie, Kevin, and Mauricio have fun playing Hearthstone (which I don't really understand but it looked like revamped Yu-Gi-Oh!). I left a short bit but came back to the lounge for study break, which included lemon cake and guac and chips at 8:30; the others left around 9:30 as if differed according to RA. It was then where I changed seating to a more comfortable chair. It was nearing curfew and we all went down to sign-in, and I was conflicted about going to the Shedd Aquarium but decided to sign up anyway, having been persuaded.

The rest of the night is spent exchanging m00sic and random information with Kevin, until a thunderstorm begins and I am compelled to go outside. I persuade (totally don't just drag him into the rain with me) him to come outside and we cross the entire length of the inner courtyard, running against winds and slanted rain strong enough to push you over. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Sarah tried going later, after we had changed and gotten back to the fifth floor. However, she carried the California drought with her, and every time she went down, it stopped raining, until she gave up.

Started watching Howl's Moving Castle in lack of better inspiration (also Kevin had never seen it before, two birds with one stone) but the website crashed 30 minutes in. RIP.


What am I doingggg.
There's a ringing in my ear and I do not know why.

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