Sunday, July 17, 2016

UniQlo ❤️

Finally got a good amount of rest. Since arriving I have not really been able to successfully sleep for more than 6 hours and this night I got around 9. It's the best feeling ever when you can get up without worrying about the time and taking things slow. Today as a cohort we had one thing in mind: beat the other cohorts to have the best group photo.

We set off on our journey in search of a great photograph and, of course, we had our Chicago gear handy. Our first stop was the Bean which had many tourists and was really cool to look at. While at the bean I made a joke about finding yourself in the bean spiritually. That was deep. It shows your reflections in a distorted manner and could represent the distortion of human nature. We are different people when we see each other quite literally in the reflections. I apologize just got lost in thought.

As we walked along the Magnificent Mile we stopped by a Chicago Merch store where I bought my friend a small souvenir. We then ran into a beef when the people at Lids tried to mislead us into buying a membership.

Now this was probably my most favorite part of the trip. UniQlo was introduced into my life and it can bee seen as both a blessing and curse. I think I might have an addiction so don't be too surprised if I ever appear on TLC. They have really nice looking clothes for really affordable prices. Now I went in there looking for swim trunks and I left with the trunks and two cardigan sweaters.

Now arriving at the beach we brain stormed about what we want for our picture. We decided that we would like to show different aspects of the city. We decided to show the beach along the Lake and the skyscrapers as they are both staples of the city of Chicago.
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  1. Sometimes I feel lucky that the size of my clothing is out of the ordinary or I could go broke in a store like this (52” chest, 4XLT shirts, a 21” neck, an 8 ¼” hat size).