Saturday, July 16, 2016

The End Already Aproaches

Cool Scenery
Today I had a very thoughtful conversation with a friend while walking in the rain to the from CVS to the dorms. The first week has already come to an end. We were talking about all the things we have yet to do like the White Sox game next week and some of the trips with the RA's like the fireworks tomorrow night. Now that we are down to 2 weeks it feels like the shortest time ever. Part of me doesn't want to leave -- there are people that I still don't want to say goodbye to. The other side of me wants to go home to see certain people.

In class we learned about APA style as we have a 2 page research paper due on Monday. I think I want to continue studying psychology in college so I know I'll be using this format in future classes. We also went over language development and how children recognize patterns in speech. Studies show that a baby's first words will most likely be 'ma' or 'pa'. This is really interesting because I have yet to hear of someone who's first words weren't those. This doesn't mean they don't exist but they're probably rare. 
Great Sketch

Here on campus it is really easy to move around. There are shuttles that take you all over campus. That's what we used today to get to dinner and other shops. We went to a place called Harolds which I guess can be compared to a Kentucky Fried Chicken but it was really cramped and humid not the best experience ever but they had some pretty good French Fries. 

My Cohort and I have noticed that we always end up meeting up again to write blogs or just hang out for a few minutes. We kind have created a core that can come together at a moment’s notice.


  1. Mauricio, it must mean you are having a wonderful time if you are already worried you won't have enough time here. Enjoy every moment. And this cohort seems to have gelled more than any other I have chaperoned in the past. I'm glad you all find each other at the end of the day after having branched out.

  2. I agree with Alana about the value of remembering your roots and coming together as a cohort. Blogging parties can be great for this.