Thursday, July 7, 2016

Broadway Oysters

The excitement is at its peak and I'm ready to start the day off right. I woke up at 7 o'clock with my luggage all ready to go. I double checked them to make sure everything was good then waited for my mother to take me to El Cerrito High School. After being late to the Chicago dinner I don't feel the need to experience tardiness again. I expected for Don to yell at me for over packing my luggage but surprisingly I was way under the maximum weight. 
Cohort Looking Kawaii
As I was listening to Don giving his speech about our departure I thought about how much I need to make up for. This program deserves my maximum effort and that is not what I have been showing lately. That stops today. I am going to make sure my blogs are up on time and make every event on time. Now that we got to the airport I felt like a lost puppy. Although I didn't know what to expect I had experts (the rest of my cohort) to help along the way.
Packed and ready to go
My First plane ride was a blast and had a great conversation with a stranger named Eric Eng. At first I wanted a window seat but there was an issue and had to give up that seat. I moved to the closest one which was with Eric and Ernestina. Eric was a really great guy who seemed to really like puns and take pictures on his travels. He showed us some great shots he took on previous trips from Seattle to California and vise-versa. 
Beautiful church next to the Gateway Arch

At the end of the day nearing 11 o'clock I had the highlight of my day. After out trip to the Gateway Arch we headed to the place with some of the most amazing food I've had in my life. It was at a small restaurant called Broadway Oysters Bar. Of course the bar was separate from where we ate. This was where I tried alligator meat for the first time and had one of the best sandwiches ever. It was called the Lobster Po'Boy. This truly made everything worth it. I'm so glad to be here and ready for the next day.
My mother seeing me off
Our chaperone--Alana--to guide us on this adventure
And Don--to make sure I actually make it on the shuttle

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