Tuesday, July 26, 2016

R - Race the Rain

Dear Reader,

Today we discussed Hitler.

Normally, in the setting of a Creative Writing class, Hilter only comes up in the selective guise of the novel "Look Who's Back" -- but this, this was different. Today Rosseneri aka Jim stated that likes Hitler because the pride he held for his country and his overwhelming sense of nationalism. The entirety of the class, save for Jessica and I, launched an immediate war about his horrendous actions, but truth be told, he really wasn't all that bad (to the people he believed should exist...).

On the way there.
I also have horrible luck with printers. The first one I tried in Regenstein jammed, and the worker had to open it up with his key to print the papers out, and only half the pages ended up printing because my ID had run out of money. So I spend 10 minutes talking with the worker, put a bit more money in my ID, and tried another printer. This one had a faulty system, and the worker put it through a forced restart. So I head to a third printer. Finally this one works, and I am left with 8 cents on my student account for printing. -_-

On le way back.
I draw a sketch of 바나나우유 on the chalkboard in class, and then Jessica and I spend time at Mansueto, actually working. At 4:40 PM I went to Ratner with Jessica and Karen, and came back with Jessica and Kevin at 7:20 PM. Jessica taught me how to use most of the machines in the weight room. It was pretty cool because I've never seen, let alone touched some (most) of those machines before. Generally speaking, I head straight to the swimming pool. This hour-long detour of medicine balls and bicep curlers reminded me of days of warm-up on the swim team. 4:45 PM- 6:10 PM (with intervals of rest) of weight
Dinner! Sarah and Angela brought chicken!
training and 6:15 PM - 6:55 PM of swimming. A good day of exercise, immediately nullified by the coming of dinner. :P

Dinner was eaten 10 minutes before the dining hall was scheduled to close, and afterwards we (being Angela, Steven, Sarah, Kevin C., Jessica, and Karen) head back to the dorms. I work outside with Kathy and Nicole for awhile, and the boba we ordered from Joy Yee's comes. Hehe, yay for boba. Later they go back in to wait for some guy I think, and Kevin C. walks out to pick up his drink and sits with me until the RAs say we have to go inside because it's past curfew. We head to the fifth floor lounge to work on, well, work (for me, blogs and new story) with Ryan and Alice.

First night in awhile of not watching Sherlock. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.
Priorities. Except highlighters can be so distracting. See what three highlighters and a blue pen can do.


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