Friday, July 15, 2016

(R)- First Week of College Done

I feel relieved.  The first week is done, and the stress has slipped off my shoulders until next Friday when we have another test.  Yay.  I must say, law school does not seem very fun but being a lawyer seems incredibly exciting.  And also the University of Chicago has grown on me thus far.  I think I could fit in well here.

Today I woke up and looked out my window to see overcast clouds, representative of the gloomy feeling that washed over me when I remembered the test.  I ate a big breakfast and prepared myself for the three hours of hard brain work I was going to push through.  In class, the seats were all rearranged to make sure no one would cheat, and Mrs. Scott turned a little crazy with her preventative measures.  We only got one piece of the six-part test at a time, for example.  I felt somewhat confident with my answers, but this was my first time seeing fact patterns, so I do not know if I answered them thoroughly.

Fifth-floor study lounge. Great view of the campus and it has two stories.
Way better than any of the lounges on my side of the building.
The rest of class was fun, but I thought the class should have ended after the test.  Everyone presented an opening statement, and the rest of the class gave constructive criticism.  I thought my statement was one of the best, but then I got some criticism that made me rethink that.  It humbled me a little bit and made me realize that I have room to improve.  The mock trials here are also different from what I am used to so I have to adjust.  The time limits I have at school competition is nonexistent here, so I have to include more information.

The clouds stayed all day and when I was running the wind began to pick up.  The reasons behind the windy city nickname were exposed to me today. The lake had waves that could have been surfed on.  I ate dinner alone today and just in time too since they closed ten minutes after I got there.  Since then, I have been relaxing, playing foosball, and blogging.  Tomorrow will be fun since we are going downtown and I get to see some landmark parts of Chicago. I get to sleep in, too! Probably the best part.

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