Wednesday, July 6, 2016

N - Jaggedly Following the Road to Oz

Heh, couldn't resist. :3
Dear Reader,

I shan't bore you with photographs of luggage taken under bad lighting conditions. 

Instead, three words: We leave today.


Alas, that is not all. I spent the (yester-) day enrolling in a fall class at a nearby community college, buying a pair of sunglasses, having a violin lesson, and at the very end of the day, shoving everything into blue luggage cases (one medium-sized, one carry-on that I will not be carrying-on). Have to save that special place for my trusty violin, who will be accompanying me on this month long venture. :)

Immensely excited for what is to come, and saddened that I have to leave home again so soon. If only summer lasted the entire year, how wonderful that would be. I wonder who I'll be sitting next to on the plane.


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