Saturday, July 23, 2016

O - Orang(e)tans

Dear Reader,
When the flowers at the zoo are more interesting than the zoo animals.
Today I met an alpaca. I don't know if he had a name, but I fell in love right then and there. Actually no, I fell in love with an American named Marten. He was so cute. He also happened to be related to a weasel.
The weather.

Today I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Honestly, there were probably more pokemon there than animals, judging by the man who ran past us screaming "TEAM VALOR". #teaminstinctbtw #jkidontplaypokego We also came across a giant Pikachu.

Anyway, it's really hard to explain, but although the zoo was lame, I had fun because of the people I was with. I mainly stayed with Kevin, Jeff, Jim, and Frank for the zoo and Del Seoul part, and then Tom the Washing Machine I somewhat talked to during our trip to Molly's cupcakes.

Korean tacos was an interesting experience -- I
Effects of Pokémon Go...
thought they were a bit salty, but Kevin liked his, lol. The blueberry cheesecake cupcake that I got was really good though. It wasn't too sweet and tasted just like bluberry cheesecake in cupcake form should taste like.

Katerina and I destroyed Kevin and Gabriel (well, at least for the first match). Fun times.

Whenever it storms, I go out and check the weather. Rain, rain, I still like Chicago rain more than California rain, there's less of a chance of catching a cold when you're so warm. Take showers where you are intended to, aka nature. Heh.

Others go play Counterstrike, so I check that too. With wireless mouses! Appalling!
And then another episode of Sherlock, of course.

"This is your heart

and you should never let it rule your head."


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  1. Can’t wait to read more as the night goes on. And maybe some photos of your new friends?