Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A - Quest Complete, Check Please

Dear Reader,

On July 19th, 2016, I FINISHED MY STORY.

That pretty much sums up the entire day.
Classic 'murican bacon and eggs with Ryan, Kevin, Alice + others.
Read Angelica's and Alice's stories. Critiques, likes and dislikes. A house gets pregnant and has an affair with a man. A father and daughter are brought closer through a shipwreck.
Probably pizza.
Read Athena's and Emma's stories. Critiques, likes and dislikes. Stress will shrink you. Don't become a shrinket. People die. Don't write about something you haven't let go of yet.
Jessica and I on the grass in the quad, trying, trying, trying to create a want and conflict for my story. Large ants. We figure it out. Not merely a love story, but a familial one. Took us hours.
Kevin, the name of my next concentration camp. Or maybe Arthur. Perhaps, Manseuto.
-- .- -. ... ..- . - ---
Morse code is great.
Check out the history gallery in the library for a short moment.

Mix everything together. Shrimp tacos and avocado and rice and pasta with onions.
Finish quickly and get notebook out. Draw? Or write? Both.
It looks like a gate. It looks like a chair. It looks like that chair! Ohh, that took me way too long.
You're silly.
.. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..-
Cursive. How do you write your E's? Wow, cursive L's are so nice to write. Hehe.
"Your H's look like backwards N's."
It's faster.
"I don't like my I's."
What if you didn't have them?
Back to the story.

Study Hall.

Analyzed poetry.
“Time past and time future/ What might have been and what has been/ Point to one end, which is always present.”
Ahh, Eliot, you are truly a dealer, hiding the meaning of cards up your sleeves.
Watched Hearthstone being played.
Wauza. Look, there's a Malygos.
We're running out of Thyme.

Get grapes.
Kitchen party.
Continue working on story.
"By all rights he shouldn't have existed."
Add puns. "Like the herb".
Get people mad at you for adding bad puns.
"He truly lived up to his name."
Finished story.
What do you say when you run out of time?
"We are sans thyme."

Don't kill me. Bad puns are good.


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