Friday, July 22, 2016

Art, Art, Art

I think might be Jesus
Today is the day where we started our experiment for the Developmental Psychology class. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but my group and I are working on the effects of bilingualism on the Stroop Task. The Stroop Task requires you to say the color that the word is written in instead of the word that's written. We hypothesized that bilingual participants would be more likely to have a lower difference times in this task as they are less attached to the English language and won’t be motivated to read the actual word.

Now today we started to test our hypothesis by conducting this task on our classmates who are mostly of the Chinese population and some RA's. We hope to also test some of the other people around campus to fully get a wide spectrum of participants. 

Rainy Day in All its Glory
After class there was a FREE trip to the art institute which was pretty great. I guess you can say I'm not the most artsy person in the world but I can appreciate looking at art. It was wonderful looking at such magnificent works and some with a large reputation. There were pieces that I would see in movies or TV shows that I'd never think I'd get to see in real life. That changed today. I got to see the spectacular Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte. For most of the trip I was by myself and I kind of enjoyed that. I got to go at my own pace and look at the art that I wanted. There were also miniature rooms that were based on rooms of different eras, countries, and cities. This exhibit was my favorite. We ended up getting home pretty late which was cool because we got to see thunder and lightning which is not something that can be called a staple of California. I just want to repeat how much I love the weather here.
Religious Artifacts

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  1. Ah yes, the Art Institute. Yes, I agree that looking at art on your own is the best way to to go about enjoying it so you can take your time with the pieces you admire most.