Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Intro to My Future

This is so much different from the way that high school is taught. There is so much freedom here. I'm talking about my first day of Developmental Psychology. Professor Kate O'doherty is such a great person and I am so glad she is the teacher. She is a mother which I think qualifies her even more to be teaching this course. 

From the introduction of this day I was so hooked. A lot of the time that I go to high school there are classes that I dread and don't want to even step inside. This class makes me feel the exact opposite and is something that I can't wait to return tomorrow. We started with an over view of the course and already a few minutes in I learned so much. Like how many possible variables can go into Psychology research. In Developmental Psychology we have to look and Nature (Genetics) and Nurture (How the participant was raised) to really have reliability and validity. 

We discussed about the reasons why one would take this course. The reason that I found the most interesting was to raise children. I never thought I would take a parenting class but this is technically one of those. What I am questioning now is how will this class change my out look on children? Will it make me a better father? I also wonder will knowing a child's psychology make me more appealing to them. I hope that this will allow me to help my situation at home. I have two small siblings at home and would really have a positive impact on them and understanding how they think will give me a better insight. After class I left with a smile on my face because I was so excited to come back the next day. 

After finishing the homework for the night a group of friends and I went to go "ball up" (play basketball) it was such a funny day. We had a blast with a friendly match of a 3v3 and it was such a great way to release the tensions from long homework readings. After all that exhaustion once I arrived in my dorm I knocked out completely.

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